Get Your Workout On! Local Parks with Outdoor Fitness Equipment


An article appeared in Atlantic Cities called "The Latest Scourge Afflicting Our Parks: Outdoor Yoga Classes." It sets up a scenario where private business is using public park space and not paying rent or fees for a facility. A good point, because sometimes the use of the park for classes affects the usability of the parks for the rest of the public.  However, there are some … [Read more...]

Peachwood Park in Lake Forest

Peachtree Park Lake Forest

Peachwood Park in Lake Forest is a small playground hidden in a neighborhood off Trabuco Road. It's not even on Google's map. It’s very near Tamarisk Park and can sometimes be confused with Tamarisk, but it’s smaller and has updated equipment. Location: From I-5, drive towards the foothills on Lake Forest Drive. Turn left on Trabuco Road and get ready to make an immediate … [Read more...]

Lake Forest Park: Stop to Play, Go for a Nature Walk

Lake Forest Park

Lake Forest Park sits on a sloping hill near La Madera Elementary School.  This is one of those parks that I passed by many times, because it just looks "eh" from the street.  Serrano Creek Park is right across Lake Forest Drive and it has SO much to offer that this little playground pales in comparison.  However, I wanted to cover it for the blog, so we stopped.  We didn't … [Read more...]

Nature Park in Lake Forest: Picnic in a Secret Oak Grove along the Serrano Creek Trail


Nature Park in Lake Forest is in the most unlikely spot: in the middle of industrial park.  Many of you families in South County will know where it is -- because it's less than a block away from Pump It Up on Dimension. A little pocket of nature right in the middle of everything. Directions to Nature Park in Lake Forest:  Exit Interstate 405 at Lake Forest Drive and take it … [Read more...]