Laguna Main Beach Park Playground: Learn Your Ocean Lessons at the Lifeguard Tower

Main Beach Laguna

Main Beach Park Laguna stands sheltered under a beautiful fig tree, this beachfront playground is a must-play stop on any trip to the downtown shopping and restaurant area of Laguna Beach. Families from all over Orange County specifically choose to frequent this beach, because the location offers amenities for kids AND adults. On my recent trip, we were lucky enough to witness … [Read more...]

Beaches near Laguna Beach Montage


Although I spent my college days in Orange County, I didn't grow up here.  My knowledge of beach names and locations is somewhat lacking (especially the secret ones in Laguna Beach).  For instance, I called all the beaches near Laguna Beach Montage "Montage Beach."  I do know Aliso Beach Park is separate. However, I also know some local bloggers who DID grow up here and have … [Read more...]

Fenced Parks in Orange County


Aliso Viejo and Laguna Beach lead the count for most fenced parks in Orange County.  Some moms call these playgrounds "baby jail" and others call them "a lifesaver."  I had some great comments on our page on Facebook for this one: Catherine said: "If you have more than one little one (such as 2 two yr olds in my case) I'll take a "jail" over constant heart attacks when one … [Read more...]

Nix Nature Center at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park


Our unplanned visit to Nix Nature Center on the westbound side of Laguna Canyon/SR 133 turned out to be a pleasant surprise and an awesome family outing. The rangers at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park were exceedingly helpful and informative. I wanted to spend all day there. The Laguna Canyon Foundation is a non-profit "dedicated to preserving, protecting, and enhancing the South … [Read more...]