Boomers Buccaneer Cove is the New Splash in Town


I bet you already know about Boomers Buccaneer Cove in Irvine. You've probably watched the construction since the beginning of Summer 2013. I have to say up front that Boomers is usually my husband's area of expertise. He takes the kids there - without me - once every couple of years.  I keep the place in my "Vegas for Kids" file along with venues like Chuck E. Cheese.  I much … [Read more...]

Playful Sponsor Feature: Wheel Fun Rentals at Irvine Park


Many thanks to Wheel Fun Rentals for their sponsorship. Their generous support over the years helps ensure I can keep bringing play to Orange County. Remember when volunteer North County Parks Reporter, Lisa, took a spin on a Wheel Fun Rentals® surrey bike at Irvine Regional Park? Wheel Fun Rentals® at Irvine Regional Park offers bike and paddle boat rentals. Their fleet of … [Read more...]

Get Your Workout On! Local Parks with Outdoor Fitness Equipment


An article appeared in Atlantic Cities called "The Latest Scourge Afflicting Our Parks: Outdoor Yoga Classes." It sets up a scenario where private business is using public park space and not paying rent or fees for a facility. A good point, because sometimes the use of the park for classes affects the usability of the parks for the rest of the public.  However, there are some … [Read more...]

Coastkeeper Natural Play Garden

nature play

The Coastkeeper Natural Play Garden is (what I believe to be) the first public nature playground in Orange County.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this magical place with you and your kids. All I did as a child was play outdoors and rarely on manufactured playgrounds, unless I was at school. This play space inside the Coastkeeper Garden will allow your kids to … [Read more...]