Central Park in Huntington Beach for Kids and Families

Huntington Beach Central Park

Central Park Huntington Beach is so massive that it has an east and west side. It's a beautiful oasis of nature right in the thick of Huntington Beach. Location: The best way to visit the WEST side of the park is off Edwards. Talbert changes into Varsity at Edwards - so don't get tricked and turn the wrong way. Turn onto Talbert from Edwards.  If you don't live in … [Read more...]

Archery Range at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley


Mile Square Regional Park has been home to the only archery range at an Orange County park since the early 1970s. OC Parks invites the public to the grand reopening event for the redesigned archery range on Saturday, November 23 from 10am-11am. High-level archers will perform trick shots. Children will provide a shooting demonstration with assistance from OC Parks Rangers, and … [Read more...]

Newport Beach Civic Center and Park: Natural Area with Stark Blue Bridges and Bizarre White Bunnies


When I think of Newport Beach, I think of sailing and the ocean. Even their city seal sports sails, fish, and the ocean. So that's why it makes sense that the architecture of the Newport Beach Civic Center and Park (NBCC) should match that vision. The roofline looks like waves and when I walk into the park the paths wind and turn in a natural rolling motion. I can see … [Read more...]