Point Lobos State Natural Preserve in Monterey

Point Lobos State Natural Preserve

Point Lobos State Natural Preserve in Monterey is a scenic wonder full of sea life, hiking trails, a cultural museum, and grand views of the Pacific. Trails are totally manageable for families, but most trails aren't stroller-friendly because it's rocky. As you hike, you'll have peek-a-boo views of coves and then come upon full views. Check all the rocky outcroppings … [Read more...]

Boredom is NOT Boring

Boredom is NOT Boring

Play doesn't happen without boredom. Think back to your own childhood. When did the really fun stuff happen? I bet it was when you were bored. I remember one particularly painful afternoon when my parents dallied at the restaurant. I don't know if the service was bad, if we were waiting to meet someone, or if they were just taking the meal slow. My sister and I were … [Read more...]

Tidepool Field Trips and Photos

tidepool field trips in orange county

Tidepools are fragile -- and kids are natural explorers -- which makes the match a little precarious for the sea life in the tidal zone.  Tidepool field trips are the answer to this environmental conundrum. When I was young, there were no tidepool rules. I could run, play, and collect. Shells and ocean animals were plentiful.  How come your kids can't have the same … [Read more...]