Lands End Lookout and Sutro Bath Ruins in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area


Lands End Lookout and the Sutro Bath Ruins in San Francisco's Golden Gate National Recreation Area seemingly brought us to the edge of the world and then into the mouth of a sea cave! It was an breathtaking stop on our way through the Bay Area to points north. And guess what? It was sunny! In San Francisco! At the entrance to the bay! We started at the Lands End … [Read more...]

Where to Find Air Conditioning on Hot Days


Once upon a time, we lived in Colorado Springs and it was 100 plus degrees with humidity during the summer I was pregnant. BAD combination. Our house had high ceilings and sleeping was torture during the "hottest summer on record!"  Sitting with my swollen feet in ice water just wasn't cutting it!  Too bad I'm not a lizard. We had the A/C guys out, but the cost was crazy … [Read more...]

3 Best Toddler Beaches with No Waves


You want to know the best toddler beaches with no waves in OC?  And I'm going to provide you with my Top 3, but they come with a note of precaution.  Still water beaches, meaning no waves or surf, have a general propensity for water quality issues and they can also be good stingray habitat - at least along the warm sandy edges. Check Heal the Bay Beach Report Card for water … [Read more...]

Discounts on and California State Parks Passes


Our regional parks, wilderness areas and beaches (, in addition to the California State Parks and Beaches in Orange County are truly natural treasures! And there are discounts on park passes in California! You shouldn't let the cost of a parking pass keep you from enjoying their beauty.  First of all, the cost is affordable even without a discount -- especially when … [Read more...]