Discovery Science Center Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition


Discovery Science Center, or the "The Cube," as it's affectionately known for it's architectural accent features Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition through September 7th, 2014. If you are already a fan of the Mythbusters show, you have to go because you'll be able to match the exhibits to shows you've seen and try the experiments yourself. You'll also get to see … [Read more...]

The Autry: Pioneers, Saloons, Western Movies and a Waterfall


It took us one hour to drive to the Autry Museum in LA -- officially named the Autry National Center which houses the Museum of the American West. I had heard good things, but wasn't prepared for how much I loved it! Directions to The Autry in Los Angeles: It's directly across the street from the LA Zoo -- off Zoo Drive in Griffith Park. We took the 405 to the 110 to the 5 … [Read more...]

Dana Point Tide Pools: Marine Protected Area (MPA) – State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA)

Dana Point Ocean Institute

Dana Point tide pools are a designated Marine Protected Area (MPA) - State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA) - accessible from the beaches and trails surrounding the Ocean Institute. Tide pools are the most amazing little universes to me. I have fond memories tidepooling as a child and I think that's why I'm so conscious about protecting and conserving them. Location:  I … [Read more...]

What to Do in Orange County?

What to Do

I wanted to spotlight websites and blogs designed to answer the "What to do in Orange County?" question. Just as each writer and blogger has a different style of presenting information, each reader has a different preference for how to receive and process the information. Readers come to me for free or low cost outdoor activities, such as: Parks Beaches Museums and … [Read more...]

Way to Play Adventure Guide at Pretend City

Pretend City

Pretend City's Way To Play Adventure Guide is an overlooked tool in strengthening your child's skills through play and learning about developmental milestones. Did you know that 90% of a child's brain is developed by age 5? Don't miss any of the crucial developmental steps on this exciting journey. The more informed you are about what milestones are right around the corner, the … [Read more...]