15+ Stroller-Friendly Walks around Lakes in OC

15 Stroller Friendly Walks

It's relatively easy to map walking routes for stroller walks around lakes in OC, if you have the right tools. I create my own personal routes on MapMyWalk.com to learn distances. I can set the app to map my walk as I'm walking OR I can select routes ahead of time and keep them in my own personal library.  I don't even have to have a SmartPhone to do this, I can sign in to … [Read more...]

Point Lobos State Natural Preserve in Monterey

Point Lobos State Natural Preserve

Point Lobos State Natural Preserve in Monterey is a scenic wonder full of sea life, hiking trails, a cultural museum, and grand views of the Pacific. Trails are totally manageable for families, but most trails aren't stroller-friendly because it's rocky. As you hike, you'll have peek-a-boo views of coves and then come upon full views. Check all the rocky outcroppings … [Read more...]

Discovery Science Center Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition


Discovery Science Center, or the "The Cube," as it's affectionately known for it's architectural accent features Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition through September 7th, 2014. If you are already a fan of the Mythbusters show, you have to go because you'll be able to match the exhibits to shows you've seen and try the experiments yourself. You'll also get to see … [Read more...]

Tidepool Field Trips and Photos

tidepool field trips in orange county

Tidepools are fragile -- and kids are natural explorers -- which makes the match a little precarious for the sea life in the tidal zone.  Tidepool field trips are the answer to this environmental conundrum. When I was young, there were no tidepool rules. I could run, play, and collect. Shells and ocean animals were plentiful.  How come your kids can't have the same … [Read more...]